Guru Purnima Celebrations

Hari Om!

Celebrate Guru Purnima on 09th July 2017.


Revere your Guru with dedication and devotion.

On the occasion of Guru Purnima
In the company of the true Guru
Have Spiritual Dinner:
At the table of character
Be seated on contentment.
The mind is the bottle
In which ‘I’ is the liquor.
Take it in the glass of truth.
Add the soda of renunciation.
If you do not have soda
Take it with water of generosity.
While drinking eat the snacks of pride.
Light the cigarette of ‘Mine’
With the lighter of wisdom.
Take a puff of ‘You’
And smoke out ‘Me and my’.
Throw away the ash of ignorance
In the company of saints or Guru (Satsang).
Eat the meat of the senses.
Enjoy the dance of the Three Graces.
Embracing you are the Nine Muses.
Eat the food of renunciation of fruits of work
And eat the fruits of renunciation.
Ecstasy will be the permanent kick
And behold Atma as the endless vision.


Dear All,

I hereby solemnly request you to attend the Guru Purnima function on Guru Purnima day.

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Venue: Heera ki Bagheecha (Diamond Park), Mandasaur, MP, India.

Time : On Guru Purnima Day (09/07/2017) Maha Arthi to our Guru Siddha Nath around 12 noon.

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Events: Whole night ie, on the night of 08/07/2017 Satsang is arranged.

After Maha Arthi ie, on 09/07/2017 Bhandara (Lunch) is served.

On the night of 08/07/2017 also dinner is arranged for those who
take part in the whole night Satsang.

On 10/07/2017 we will go to Ratlam to pay
Homage to our Dada Guru (Gurus Guru) and Pardada Guru (Gurus Gurus Guru).
The interested may participate in this also.

All are requested to attend the function with family and friends and take
the blessings of true Guru Siddha Nath.

Note: As a respect to other Gurus and their disciples:
Disciples of other Gurus should take permission from their respective Gurus to attend the celebration.

Contact No:

1. 9039985684 (self). I may be contacted at

2. 9425078773 (Ramesh Arya, at Mandasaur)

With best wishes & love,
Disciple of Guru Siddha Nath

*** Salutations to the lotus feet of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***
The True Gurus Grace Has No End!