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1East And West Series (A monthly Spiritual Magazine published by Sadhu Vaswani Mission from Pune), June 2002A treatise of inspired verses penned by the author. The verses embrace within their scope the anguish of a yearning heart, the quest of an earnest seeker, the ecstasy of union and the wisdom of an enlightened one. In doing so, the verses outline a path that is open to all who would make the ideal of enlightenment, the goal of their lives.

A book for the truly devout.
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2C. K. Ramachandran (Reader)This book draws special attention as it presents the most serious, deep and broad subject ie, philosophy in so simple verses like nursery rhymes, without using similes, ironies or allegories. It glorifies the mystery of words rather than concepts or ideas, which benumbs the mind and screws like a chisel into the Atma (Soul) where it causes experiences which are beyond the realm of words. Certainly it is an offshoot of the eternal flow of the ancient Eastern wisdom which keeps the Guru at the highest pedestal as God personified, by whose grace Brahma, the Impersonal God can be realized. The poet is carving out true Guru, devotion, knowledge, truth, maya (illusion), sacrifice, the bliss of Brahma and their interplay in simple and elegant verses on a personal anecdote. He, with the enlightenment attained from his revered Guru, sharply discriminates and resolves into its minutest form, - the good and evil, truth and maya, justice and injustice etc, prevailing in the society. He attacks with uncompromising criticism and sharp and witty exhortations all the practices, customs, mockery which are taking away peace from the face of the earth and he throws light in the path of reformation of the individual who is making up the society on eternal value basis under the direction of a Satguru (true Guru).
3K. K. Puneetha (Reader)1. This book is an ideal example of true devotion, faith and submission towards lotus feet of Guru, in my opinion this is a classic work, all poems in their simplest form without using similes and Shakespearean or Rudyard Kipling’s words on them, shows steadfast devotion in Sadguru’s feet only. After reading this book I realize that what Sadguru (true Guru) can do for an ordinary person and indeed Sadguru can turn a stone into Paras (Philosopher's stone). K.K.Punetha.

2. This book taught and remind me that “Guru Govind donau khade, kake lagoon panv Balihari Guru apano Govind diyo batay”. The poet shows his true devotion to his holy Guru in its simplest form.

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4M. V. Narayana(Reader)The language used by author is very simple and a child could understand the poems easily. The simpleness of bhakti, devotion and path are visible throughout the book. Hope to get more enlightened works from the author. Click here
5A. J. Malyadri (Reader)The book "The light of Devotion, of Knowledge, of Brahma" presents the author's immense faith and affection towards his GURU. It also enlists the materialistic things in life for which people thrive for. Author tried his best to undermine the importance of materialistic things in life and highlighted spiritual values / feelings.

But author seems to have given over emphasis to end each line of the poem with a similar sounded word, which may not be a right approach for an author. Instead he should have highlighted more on conveying the message through his poems.
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6Editorial1. "The Light Of Devotion Of Knowledge Of Brahma" is a dedication to the poet's Guru. It is divided into five parts, each beginning with a short poem and is followed by 108 poems in praise of Rama Rao Das' guide and teacher and in whose lotus feet he humbly offers himself as a servant.

The love and respect for his mentor is obvious through out the book. He is thankful to him for showing him the enlightened path of worship. In fact for him his preceptor is his God which is why he uses the word 'Him' for his teacher. He, thus, prays to the Almighty to bless his Guru with eternal fame.

Written in well-rhymed verses the work has a tendency to arouse the feelings of devotion in the reader. Any individual, who has ever been grateful to any body for guiding him to the right path, can well identify with the poet's feelings and appreciate them. ........

It is the fusion of cultures that broadens horizons and perspectives.

2. A disciple's poetical offering to his Guru. The verses show steadfast faith in the Guru and reflect piety in its simplest form. The poems underline the pre-eminence of the Guru vis-à-vis the gods.
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7Prasad K (Reader)The Book is Wonderful .......simply to say, I have no words to explain. I would like to have more & more books from you, if possible. Because I felt, the book has increased my Love towards my Guru, my God, my Almighty, my mother, my father and my all, Yogi Raj Shirdi Sai Baba, much much more.
8Prabhu Nath Yogi (Reader)This book is very good & thank you writer! But is this available in Hindi edition?
9Lala (Reader)This is just the perfect answer for all spiritual forum members
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