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39John BUSAI really like your writing style, fantastic information, thanks for putting up.-------------------
38Sanwar Nath YogiBikaner, Rajsthan, IndiaGuru Gorhkhnath ji ki jay ho (Victory to Guru Gorakh Nath)-----------------------
37NarendraIndiaHari Om------------------
36Ashish DimriIndiaDear Nath Yogi ji, Undoubtedly, your Sadguru must be proud of you.
ashish dimri

Our reply: It is the greatness of our Guru. I am double proud to be His servant.
35KamalIndiaI was fortunate one among a few others who joined this year's (2013) Guru Purnima programme at Guru's kutiya. Programme was as simple and gracious without pomp and show as Gurudev Himself was in His Kathani and Karani, I mean in His words and in His actions.----
34Lava Kush SinghIndiaRequirement of Universal unified truth
33Andrew RookeAustraliaAll sincere efforts by people of goodwill from every tradition is needed at this difficult time in Humanity's journey. Thank you for an insight into your
32ManuIndiaFabulous, fabulous collection of self composed poems with true sprit of submission and devotion towards living body in form of true Guru. I am impressed and learn we must keep EGO which is nothing but an Evils Going On away from ourselves and lead a wonderful life.Jai Siddha Nath!-----------------------
31Deepa PunethaIndiaWonderful site with very realistic approach, no alatu-faltu junk stuff, indeed a great service towards Guru's cause and humanity. Jai Siddha Nath!-----------------
30Kamal Kishor PunethaIndiaIt's always anew, vibrant and certainly different experience to navigate this site which is full of true sense of spirituality and true wisdom, no artificial stuff, no synthetic flavours in words and poems, plain speaking by a selfless devotee. ........awesome work. ---Kamal...---------------
29Ivan Stoikov, Allan BardBulgariaExcellent, inspiring stuff a writer could find on your site! Keep up the good work, my friend! I hope you will like a suggestion of mine, using sites like , , fiverr. They could be a good way to promote your works, site, blog, etc and to help remove stupidity in the streets like headlines on t shirts, fridge magnets, cups, etc. Like My Boyfriend kisses Better Than Yours, FBI, female body inspector, etc. Not everything we see and think of should be about sex, right! It would be much better if there were more nice pictures, even of mythical creatures, good thoughts, poems from any genre are welcome I guess, etc. I am allanbard there, I use some of my illustrations, thoughts, poems from my books, like One can fight money only with money, Even in the hottest fire there is a bit of water, Money are amongst the last things that make people rich, or Let us watch the moon, let us meet the sun! Let us hear soon the way the Deed was done! Let us listen to the music the shiny crystals played, let us welcome crowds of creatures good and great... etc.I guess you will agree such lines look and sound much better than the usual we see every day! Best wishes! Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! a greeting of the water dragons hunters from my Tale Of The Rock Pieces.

Our reply: I am overjoyed to have a friend like you. Thanks for your suggestion. I have some reservations in doing that. But I thank you for your concern for me. But this place, at the lotus feet of Guru, is full of renunciation and beyond advertisement.
28KaviyogiIndiaA good move to popularise Navanatha Siddantha.
Wish you well!
27Lalita NathCanadaIt is full of interesting information. Some of it is quite different from what I have heard before. Adesh!
26SuryadasiUSAHari Om! Offering all my love and gratitude to the divine in everything! May all beings know joy! Aum Shanthi!
25Henry B StevensFlorida, USAI'm happy to find your page, which I will return to often. Peace, Henry
24VasanthBangalore, IndiaAre there any centers in Mangalore?
23K. DasarathIndiaWell done.. Keep on going. I liked it.
22Vadapalli Madhu MurthyPune, IndiaHai, It is an achievement. Congrats.
21Vasudevarao BandaNarasaraopet, IndiaGood, continue.
20Laxman YogiIndiaAll is well but....
19Nog HoadiaVirgin IslandsIn it something is. Clearly, many thanks for the information.
18Jene Enrow----I am impressed with this website, rattling I am a big fan . Outstanding post, you have pointed out some good points, I too believe this is a very good website.
17Rajesh Banwar IndiaGood site. Want to know more about Nath Sampraday.
16Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy Iyer IndiaExcellent . Able to get more information and knowledge. Thanks for the same and GURUBYO NAMAHA ! PRANAMS ..
15Dr. Dinesh Nath Yogi IndiaVery good site for Nath Yogi Sampraday. Jay Guru Goraksh Nath ji!
14xxxxxxxxxxx------Sri Nath Yogi bhandu thora samay Nath Samaj k vikas k liye bhi de. (Give some time for the welfare and development of Nath community).

Our reply: Nath Sampraday is beyond the boundaries of caste/religion/community/cult. Do not think of only your/my samaj. Whole world is only one samaj. Come out of these short comings and embrace all. We embrace all. Ours is Sarvajanik (for all people).
13Somesh Mehra IndiaSalute to great thinking. Impressed very much.
12Ketan VoraUSAHello, Need more information about the Nav Nathas and Nath Panth, and to find the right Guru. A Guru who is accomplished and immortal Himself. Peace be upon you. Thank you for the wonderful illuminating poetries.
11 Dharmateja IndiaVery good site keep up the poetic work, simple and straight but describe more about all the ills of desire, sex is just one aspect of desire, keep up the good work.
10Piyush Gadhwala IndiaAlthough site is good, but try to include Dutt Bavni, Dutt Dhun, Dutt Aarti in the website to make it better.
9Sudhamathy ShanmugalingamUSALet truth be your speech, Let Righteousness (Dharma) never breach, Practice what parents teach Next, what the true Guru does preach. Their services ever you beseech, Then satisfy guests each, By that, thee God does reach. NICE POEM MY BROTHER........ALL OF THEM WERE SO GOOD!!! I ENJOYED IT..... ♥ ♥ ♥
8PS Jhand IndiaIs it about Guru Gorakh Nath? Kindly let me know whether Guru Siddha Nath and Guru Gorakh Nath are one and the same person.
7Pappu Siva Prasad IndiaPranams to Guruji, what a yomen service to jigyasus, may Lord bless your efforts, in transmitting dharma in Kaliyuga, may Lord Sreemannarayana assist you in full, pranams.
6Bhaskar Halder IndiaI'm rather enlightened to have this 'Vani"
5Dr. VSP Rao IndiaDear kavi garu, well, I am here in front of you, touching the lotus feet of your Guru--along with millions of others who might have visited the site.
2Snehal Dave IndiaI am very eager to know about Sadguru Dev...... I love you my sweet Gurudev Datta.
1Eva UK, EnglandI am very spiritual girl and interested. I am searching for a Nath Guru to initiate me in the Nath path. I am planning to come to India this January 2008 could you help me? IF YOU LIKE TO GET IN TOUCH with me you can write on my mail . Thank you Blessed be!

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