Disciples Of Guru Siddha Nath

There are many disciples. Only afew are known to me.
1. Sukharam: He was the eldest disciple of our Guru. I met him many times and he was with our Guru when our Guru left his physical body.
2. Shabbir: He was a muslim disciple of our Guru. I met him many times.
3. Komal: Guru used to speak about him but I never met him.
4. CK Ramachandran:


Nath Yogi CK Ramachandran: Met our Guru in 2000.
He was a malayali from Palghat or Palakkad.
He worked as a senior scientific officer (scientist) in Department of Atomic Energy.
He also served our Guru till our Guru renounced His physical body.
He practiced our Guru's teachings in Kerala.
He left his physical body on 13-12-2021.