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Adi Guru (The First Guru)

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Quotations of Adi Guru

Women’s beauty and charm

And their bodily form,

These if you cherish

You are sure to perish;

Attracted by beauty and charm, moths fly

Into the flame only to die.


If a man longs for a woman’s bodily touch

He is sure to fall into maya’s clutch.

How a wild elephant is put into bonds is a known fact

As he follows the she-elephant for bodily contact.


Once in a jungle, an osprey

Brought a flesh of its prey,

For the flesh, he was attacked by many an osprey,

They left him when he abandoned the flesh of the prey.

By possession, he got worry

By abandonment he made merry.

So Adi Guru Dattatreya did brief

King Yadu how to be free of grief.


Fish being attracted by bait

Fail to see what is in wait,

Similarly men attracted by hope

Fail to see the maya’s rope.


Like apiarist collects honey

That has been hoarded by bees,

Others enjoy miser’s money.

This truth the wise one sees,

Thus from greed he, himself, frees.”


Hope gave her worry,

Despair made her merry.

Prostitute Pingala was quite right

For becoming God’s devotee overnight.”

Thus Adi Guru Dattatreya did cite

King Yadu how to get rid of plight.


Like bee collects nectar from various flowers

That smell ill or well or that are big or small,

The wise one collects gist from various books

That are good or bad or either big or small.


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Adi Nath (The First and Foremost Nath Yogi)

Adi Nath

Quotations of Adi Nath Lord Shiva

My Lord is the Lord of the three worlds,

My Guru is the Guru of the three worlds,

My soul is the soul in all beings,

My God is the God of all beings,

By His grace let there be peace to all beings,

By His grace let there be bliss to all beings,

I bow to His lotus feet on behalf of all beings,

I bow to His lotus feet on behalf of all beings,

I bow to His lotus feet on behalf of all beings.


Nava Nath

The Nine Nath Yogis Who Spread The True Religion or True Spirituality.

The Nine Nath Yogis (Nine Naths) are :

  1. Matsyendra Nath
  2. Gorakh Nath
  3. Jalandhar Nath
  4. Kanipha Nath
  5. Charpati Nath
  6. Bharthrihari Nath
  7. Nag Nath
  8. Revan Nath
  9. Gahani Nath


Pardada Guru (Guru’s Guru’s Guru)


He is the Guru of Guru Bhuvani Nath. He hated to write His biography. Later as a service to the society and at the ardent request of His followers and devotees, He wrote many books in Hindi. He was against building any temples or ashrams, but His devotees and followers built many ashrams in India on His name.


He had worked as an IAS officer (in comparison to present system) during the British Rule in India before He gave up the job in search of Truth.He renounced even name and fame. He has many devotees, disciples and followers. His leading disciple was Guru Bhuvani Nath.


His disciple Guru Bhuvani Nath built a temple for Him.
The address of the temple is Ashant Kuti (Om Azad Muni Ashram), Sagod Road, Ratlam, MP.


He has many titles. A few of them are:

  • ॐ आजाद मुनी । ॐ Azad Muni (a Saint of Freedom or Independence)
  • मिथ्यावादी बाबा । Mithyavadi Baba (a Saint who speaks illusion/false)
  • मौनीबाबा । Mouni Baba (a Saint who observes Silence)
  • मस्ताना जोगी । Mastana Jogi (a Yogi in Ecstasy or a Jubilant-Carefree Yogi)
  • बाबा साहेब । Baba Saheb (Dear Father Sir)
  • निर्पंथी – निर्मुकामी । Nirpanthi – Nirmukami (Non Sectarian or Non Cult Saint & Saint Having No Desire)


*What you are that I am; what I am that you are.
**The two forms of Brahma and Maya of only One Reality.

A few books that He wrote are:

  1. गुरु महिमा (भजनावलि)। Guru Mahima (Guru’s Greatness) (Devotional Songs)
  2. मैं कौन ? (प्रथम भाग) । My Koun (Who is ‘I’) (First Part)
  3. मैं कौन ? (द्वितीय भाग) । My Koun (Who is ‘I’) (Second Part)
  4. परन्तु । Paranthu (But)
  5. संसय निवारण । Samsaya Nivaran (Clearing Doubts)
  6. योगी के विचर । Yogi Ke Vichar (Thoughts of a Yogi)
  7. नारी धर्म (प्रथम भाग) । Nari Dharm (The Duty of Woman) (First Part)
  8. नारी धर्म (द्वितीय भाग) । Nari Dharm (The Duty of Woman) (Second Part)
  9. पति । Pathi (Husband)
  10. प्रतापसिंह नाव्हेल । Prathap Simh (a Novel)
  11. पटेल । Patel
  12. पोल । Pol (Hollow/Empty)
  13. स्वप्न का बगीचा । Swapna Ka Bageecha (A Garden of Dreams)
  14. वृत्ति तरंग । Vritti Tharang (Fluctuations of Thought Waves)
  15. मस्ताना जोगी । Mastana Jogi (A Yogi in Ecstasy or Jubilant-Carefree Yogi)


Dada Guru (Guru’s Guru)

 Guru Bhuvani Nath

Guru Bhuvani Nath

 Mastana Jogi & Guru Bhuvani Nath (Guru and Disciple)

Mastana Jogi & Guru Bhuvani Nath (Guru and Disciple)

Bhuvani nath

Guru Bhuvani Nath ji

  • He is the disciple of Azad Muni (Freedom Saint).
  • He is the Guru of Guru Siddha Nath.
  • He renounced His physical body on 31-01- 1977.
  • His ashram is at Ramdeoji ka Mandir, Gopal Goshala Road, Ratlam, MP, India.

Nathji samadhi

  • It is here where His physical body was laid to rest.
  • It is at Ashanth Kuti as He expressed His wish to be laid at His Guru’s lotus feet.
Bhuvani nath

Bhuvani Nath ji Samadhi Photos

Bhuvani nath

Prem Nath ji

  • Shri Prem Nath ji is looking after the Ashram at Ram Deoji Ka Mandir, Gopal Goshala, Ratlam.His Contact No: 09329610287 (M).
    Medium of language is Hindi.

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Salutations to the lotus feet of Guru Siddha Nath