"Salutations to the lotus feet of Guru Siddha Nath
Obeisances at the lotus feet of Our Fore-Gurus"

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Disciple of the true Guru

There is no perfect rest
Even in a deep forest,
There is no perfect rest
Even on the peaks of Mt. Everest
If the mind is at unrest.
All is the same – palace or forest
If the mind you arrest
Then He is your nearest
And you are His dearest
Causing mutual interest.

Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath.

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  1. This website is made to spread the teachings of our Guru and is purely spiritual.
  2. Eternal values like Mercy, Unselfishness, Truth, Devotion, Righteousness, Compassion, Renunciation, Mind control, Sense-control, Duty, Character, Contentment, etc. are the guiding forces behind this website.
  3. This website welcomes all irrespective of religion, nation, birth, creed, colour, race, region, education, gender, caste, place, position, power, faith, samaj, language, etc. etc.
  4. This website has nothing to do with any social community, political community, any government or private organizations, any samaj (community) of social, cultural, political or any that is not mentioned here.
  5. This website is universal and cannot be limited by a samaj, community, organization, caste, creed, religion, nation, language, region, etc.
  6. Who visited the website thinking that it belongs to some samaj, community or organization may leave the website. Those who have the narrow mindedness of belonging to the same caste, religion, community, nation, region, race, language, colour, creed, samaj, birth, power, position, political organization, etc. may leave this website. Truth cannot be limited by narrow-mindedness of belonging to the same group, caste, religion, colour, ethnic, race, region, etc.
  7. The thoughts, ideas, views, comments, suggestions, feelings, etc. expressed in this website are at the discretion of visitors or viewers.
  8. Our Guru's ABCD = Avoid Begging, Charity, Donations. Our Guru's EFGH = Earn For God Honestly. So we don't seek any donations or charities from anyone. True and unselfish love is only our begging.
  9. The truth is Atma or Soul and is only One and is the same for all beings irrespective of differences. He is known among followers of Buddha as Sunya or subtler than the subtlest state. Atma is the real true Guru and God seated in the hearts of all beings and is our sole goal.

Hari Om

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