Hari Om!

Guru Purnima Invitation 2024

Celebrate Guru Purnima on 21st July 2024


Serve your Guru with devotion and dedication.

Once there was a chaos about the chief.
In heaven, each god came to brief;
Indra said, “I am the chief.”
Lord Brahma said, “No. I’m the chief.”
Lord Vishnu said, “No. I’m the chief.”
Lord Shiva said, “No. I’m the chief.”
Each, his qualities, began to brief…..
However, they couldn’t decide who is the chief.
Then came a voice, “Why do you play mischief?
When ego has become your chief,
Know, for certain, that the Guru is the Supreme Chief.
In the Guru, you have no belief,
Hence all of you never find relief.
All of you dance to his beat
Who worships the Guru’s lotus feet.”


Dear All,

You are hereby solemnly requested to attend the Guru Purnima celebrations.

Venue: Guru Siddha Nath Ashram, Hira ki Bagichi (Diamond Park), Mhow-Neemuch Road, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Location as given below:

Time: On Guru Purnima Day (21/07/2024) Guru Puja followed by Maha Harathi to our Guru around noon.

Events: Whole night ie, on the night of 20/07/2024 Satsang is arranged.

After Maha Harathi ie, on 21/07/2024 Bhandara (Lunch) is served.

On the night of 20/07/2024 also dinner is arranged for those who take part in the whole night Satsang.

On 22/07/2024 we will go to Ratlam to pay Homage to our Dada Guru (Guru's Guru) and Pardada Guru (Guru's Guru's Guru). The interested may participate in this also.

All are requested to attend the function with family and friends and take the blessings of true Guru Siddha Nath.

Note: As a respect to other Gurus and their disciples:
Disciples of other Gurus should take permission from their respective Gurus to attend the celebration.

Contact Persons:

1. To contact me Click here Or Email: nathyogi@nathyogi.com

2. 9425078773 (Ramesh Arya, at Mandasaur)

3. 9907503330 (Mukesh Arya, at Mandasaur)

With best wishes & love,
Disciple of Guru Siddha Nath

Nath Yogi

*** Salutations to the lotus feet of our Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***
The True Guru's Grace Has No End!

Hari Om!